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Cutting-edge solutions exploring new ways to use the power of technology.

Today almost everything is technology. The machines are already interconnected with the digital world to work smarter and more effectively. The world increasingly connects to the Internet and the daily lives of our companies are increasingly optimized by the way we use industry 4.0
CodeBehind Tech. & Digital Solutions.

Tech. & Digital Solutions

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We will take you on a trip to the future!


Multimedia kiosks, Digital Mupis and Many More!

Interactive applications make the modern digital screen and television experience more interesting, leading to wider usage, makes advertising messages easier to interpret and increases the rate of positive responses and a unique user experience.

Travel Technologies

Techs for tourism sector as well as its subsets of hospitality industry

There are plenty of excellent solutions available in the market, our goal to solve problems related with implementation of Global Distribution Systems, Booking engines integrations, solutions focused on B2B and B2C simplifying travel industry

F & B

Top Solutions for Restaurants, Bars, Retail Stores and Hotels

In the chase of continuous improvement in performance and efficiency, with us your business can count with the most sophisticated solutions in Inventory management, Digital Invoicing Systems, Central Accounting, Point of Sale Systems (POS), Booking Services, digital menu, Digital Payment Gateways and many more…


The Most Popular Payment Gateways for Your Business

We deliver customized solutions and integrations to deliver the latest payment gateway features to you and your customers that really fits to your needs and accept your customers payment method of choice.


Perfect Systems to Improve the Efficiency of Business Processes

While CRM software helps to increase revenue, ERP systems decrease entire operating costs. Together, these software systems help the company grow and generate better productivity and sales.


AI that Enables a System to Learn from Data

Leverage data analysis to generate predictions from data deploying Self-Learning Models Into solving complex Optimisation.
Make smarter business decisions to achieve business goals.

Virtual Reality

Immersive solutions to display, interact or collaborate.

Creations and collaborations to deliver high-end 3D and VR solutions that will open up new vistas for modern business due to the effective use of advanced contents and communications.


Static graphic displays are gone, now it's time for Digital!

Digital signage have applications for every kind of business industry.

From conferences and exhibitions applications to entertainment and retail, the potential of this technology is gigantic.
We will evaluate what this technology can mean for your business and offer you the most effective solution.


An excellent tool to optimize your company's communication

An effective communication tool that allows you to broadcast content of a promotional, entertainment or informational nature, suitable for every business and institution, enabling the transmission of diverse contents according to a pre-defined grid, to screens spread over the most varied locations.


Skills to achieve goals, for any industry, anywhere in the world

Equip your business with our out-tasking services & much more. Every company processes that can be performed from an off-the-shore location can be done by us, so you can pay attention to the core business activities, improve opportunities for growth increasing effectiveness and efficiency.


Technology to replace manual executions

Our range of possibilities in this area is expanding, and the market is employing more modern and comprehensive solutions that can significantly improve the functioning of your company and facilitate the realization of a number of processes.

Tailor Made

Specialists in developing and manufacturing tailor-made projects

Our global and diverse experience enables us to provide outstanding value–added services through our advisory, consulting, support, development and implementation of action plans.

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